“We’re all about getting humans to Mars to stay, and we’re a little different from the usual space groups you might be familiar with”.
— Frank Stratford, Marsdrive founder

A little about marsdrive and its people

From small beginnings MarsDrive started in 2005 as an online community of advocates and volunteers focused on finding solutions to funding the mega project of sending humans to Mars.

In our 10 Years of experience we have run programs like our contest to develop a low cost Mars Sample Return mission won by Kent Nebergall titled "Project Rigel" and created a membership base across the world while publishing articles and human mission designs looking at new ways to both lower costs and pay for the program using pragmatic means including a business concept entitled The Ares Technology Corporation 4.3 which outlines a step by step bootstrapping approach to raising funds.

As a grass roots community we attend relevant industry conferences while refining our concepts continually. For the human mission design we have a work in progress titled "Ready For Mars" due to be published in the near future outlining a unique and highly mobile way of exploring Mars while utilizing as many current or heritage technologies as possible.

Our current first step is focused on simply proving we can send something to Mars, a feat NO private group has yet achieved despite their best efforts. We aim to do that via our newly launched Mars Cubesat 1 research program which will be started officially in Arizona in 2016. We are looking into many different concepts to accomplish this while avoiding multi million dollar campaigns that have never yet succeeded.

You can follow our progress for now in our Google+ or Facebook groups and we are open to ideas.

Our President based in Sydney, Australia is Frank Stratford, a published space writer. Our Director of Visual Arts is Jason Archer and our U.S Executive Director is Josh Gigantino. Public Outreach activities are lead by Hal Fulton, one of our biggest contributors over the years. We are currently rebuilding our websites and will have further updates as they become available. Please contact us via our social media for more information. You will need Dropbox to access our current files as we store them there temporarily.

Our Board of Advisors consists of:

Brian Enke
Be Be Kelly Serrato
John Hickman
Donald Rapp
Bart Leahy
Melissa Battler

past Projects and downloadable Mission Files

Ready For Mars, authored by David Gooding, Terry Wilson and Michael Bloxham. 

Sample Return Design Project Rigel, authored by Kent Nebergall.

An initial small package to Mars design by Grant Bonin, precursor to the Explore Mars Time Capsule to Mars project.